The World’s Most Stylish City

Global Language Monitor, a company who trawls through the ether to analyse some of the most talked-about trends around, have perused the top 175,000 print and electronic global media to find out where on earth is the most stylish city.

For the last several years New York has dominated the top spot of the list but 2011 the great city of London overtook the Big Apple for the first time, now two years on we’re pondering over what it was that tipped London into poll position and wondering whether we will take the top spot again in 2013.

According to the language analysing company, GLM, London rose to popularity due to a number of overriding factors including the “Duchess effect”, the Olympic Games and the suicide of fashion designer Alexander McQueen which all had a strong impact on the results.

Paul Payack the president of GLM said that ‘Kate Middleton has proved to be incredibly impactful on the British fashion brand’, it seems that whatever Ms Middleton decides to wear will go on to sell out like hotcakes. Payack noted that The Duchess of Cambridge has contributed to millions of pounds of sales last year alone, talk about a fashion icon.

But if KMids isn’t you’re cup of tea then another royal Kate (well, rock’n’roll royalty) was also making waves for London last year, despite a career that has spanned two decades Kate Moss was still the second highest earning super model last year, surpassed only by Giselle Bundchen.

Kate Moss strutted her stuff down the catwalk of the closing ceremony hand in hand with some other of Britain’s most beautiful exports including; Lily Cole, Lily Donaldson, David Gandy, Naomi Campbell and Georgia May Jagger. But it wasn’t just the super models that were capturing the world’s attention; the London Olympic Games was reported to be one of the most successful games in recent history.

The unfortunate and unexpected death of designer Alexander McQueen also meant an increase in interest in British fashion, McQueen’s parent company Gucci decided to keep the fashion house open and designer Sarah Burton took over at the helm who gained incredible notoriety for designing Kate Middleton’s now infamous wedding dress.

So there are a number of factors last year that helped the UK reach prime position two years in a row, New York was a close second followed swiftly by Paris. But who knows what this year will bring, a third year on the trot for the Big Smoke or will we be usurped by an underdog.

What do you think, what are your reasons for London being the most stylish city in the world?

Top 10 Shoes Every Man Should Own

According to a Time magazine poll the average man owns around 12 pairs of shoes, that was back in 2006 and we think that that number might have increased significantly since then.

So seeing as men have so many pairs of shoes we wanted to make sure they were the right ones. After all; it’s all well having so many shoes but if they’re all ill-fitting or battered old trainers then that kind of defeats the point.

These days there is so much choice when it comes to footwear for men that we wouldn’t blame you if you hardly knew where to start! But when you start to look at it logically you can make sure you don’t waste money buying shoes that you will end up never wearing and instead invest in those amazing items you will get lots of use from.

All you need to do is separate your shoe collection into different sections; work shoes, smart casual shoes, off-duty shoes and options that cater for different weather conditions (you don’t want to be stuck on a beach with only a pair of wellies!)

Once you have sorted your footwear collection you need to do some shoe closet weeding, you can’t start a good edit of shoes without chucking out some of the ‘weeds’. First of all throw away anything that has a hole in any part of it, especially the sole, unless they are worth fixing. If they are worth fixing then make a little pile of shoes to save from the bin and take them to a cobbler. Any cobbler worth his salt will be able to patch up a hole although if the damage is too severe it might be time to say goodbye!

Any shoes that have visible damage such as suede that has become bobbly or leather that is noticeably scratched either save or salvage. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have a properly kitted out shoe kit for moments like these; a suede brush, suede spray, shoe polish, a brush, soft cloth and shoe cream and anything else that you might need for shoes emergencies.

Once you have slimmed down the numbers you will be able to see where exactly your shoe collection needs padding out, here’s where we come in. Don’t rush out to grab the first pair of shoes you see, have a little read through our top ten most essential men’s shoes for a little inspiration and put together the ultimate collection of shoes that you will be truly proud of and ready for any occasion.


1. The Super Smart Ones

Opt for a classic long wing brogue for those occasions that call for a smart shoe, nothing beats a brogue, ideal for formal and informal business meetings. Choose a classic black style or if you’re looking for something a little different then these brilliant burgundy pair from Grenson are stylish but still formal enough for even the smartest occasion.


2. Chelsea Boots

The perfect pair of Chelsea boots are an absolute essential to any self-respecting shoe collection, this brown pair from Santoni are ideal for most occasions; smart enough to wear with a suit but also easily dressed down with jeans and a t-shirt for a fashion forward off-duty ensemble.

Junya Watanabe

3. The Casual Boot

Whatever the occasion you simply can’t go wrong with a fantastically stylish casual boot whether lace-up or otherwise. Whether you’re going on a five mile hike or just hitting the bars then these shoes are the right choice here. These cool boots from Junya Watanabe are still on the smart side of casual, which in our opinion is not a bad thing!

off-duty boot

4. The Off-Duty Shoe 

Without a doubt our favourite men’s casual shoe is the desert boot, it truly is one of the most versatile forms of footwear and can be worn with anything from jeans to a pair of mustard colored chinos. You can find these babies in a huge variety of colors so if you’re really feeling flush then why not treat yourself to another pair in a different color-way.


5. The everyday staple

These perennially stylish kicks never go out of fashion and for less than $60 for a pair of hi-tops and around $35 for these bad boys you’re on to a winner. Converse shoes are made of canvas which makes them ideal for warm weather and they’re easy to get on and off in a hurry, not to mention that there are literally hundreds of colors and styles to choose from!

nike flex

6. The Ones that Keep you fit – Nike Flex

With a pair of running trainers this nice you will want to hit the gym every day, both stylish and fantastic technically these Nike Flex trainers really are the perfect running shoes. Because they’re so on-trend at the moment you can even wear them as a casual off-duty shoe and not look strange!


7. The Perfect Beach Options – Kamaleonik

Espadrilles are a holiday essential so if you’re planning on going away anywhere warm over the holiday season then make sure you don’t leave home without a pair of these in your luggage. Lightweight made of canvas and featuring raffia soles, espadrilles will make sure your feet don’t get too hot. We especially like these bi-color ones from Kamaleonik but if you’re worried about splashing the cash you can definitely find much more budget friendly styles online or in any store.

boat shoe

8. The Posh Holiday Shoe- Boat Shoe

If you’re looking for the ideal holiday shoe then a boat shoe is a fantastic choice, designed with comfort and style in mind you don’t need to own a boat anymore to own a pair of these (although it wouldn’t hurt).

new balance

9. The Trendy Trainer – New Balance

Every year it seems there is a different sneaker brand that creep up on our radar, this year New Balance have definitely stolen the title of the coolest trainers in town. With their simple almost retro aesthetic these shoes are sure to earn you some style kudos wherever you go!

Giorgio Armani

10. The Ultimate Luxury – Giorgio Armani

Most men might over-look the loafer thinking that they’re reserved for the lords and gentlemen of society but loafers are seeing a bit of a surge in popularity of late. Wear yours sockless and roll up your trousers to really showcase these first class shoes!

pheromone party

Pheromone Parties: Stop Swiping and Start Smelling

Forget Tinder, love is in the air, you just need to sniff it out…

We’re no experts on love, but this unusual party theme is one that everyone’s talking about. When we first heard about pheromone parties we were initially disgusted. It seems that our generation no longer expects to meet the love of their life down at their local bar or even from a sweaty drunken kiss in a night club. Generation Y prefers, it seems, to cut to the chase when it comes to meeting the opposite sex and get right down to the science.

If you scratch the surface there is a cornucopia of niche dating events and evenings all across Toronto (equestrian lovers, Christian dating, sporty singles, sugar daddies and even vampire dating). But we’re going to put it out there; pheromone parties might just be the weirdest.

The idea is that you buy a new, plain white cotton shirt and sleep in it for three nights in a row. During the day you keep your tee in the freezer to lock in the scent and avoid things like deodorants, creams and spicy foods which might interfere with your natural pheromones.

After three nights have passed you take your zip-lock bag to a hosted pheromone party. Your bag is then labelled with a unique number on a color coordinated label, guy’s shirts with blue labels and girl’s shirts with pink labels. Once everyone’s bags are labelled the guests are free to get their sniff on. The hope is that you will find a bag that contains a smell that isn’t so disgusting that you vom into it.

Because apparently pheromones play a big part in how attracted you are to someone, scientifically once you find a smell you like you may just be more attracted to them once you meet them. So you find a shirt you like and then have your photo with the bag. Hopefully the owner of that smell will see you holding his bag (not an innuendo) and come chat to you.

And that’s all there is to it! If sticking your nose into a sack of someone’s dirty laundry sounds like your cup of tea then get yourself down to a pheromone party and hopefully sniff yourself out a date. For now, we’re going to stick to the good old fashioned swiping and leave the dirty laundry in the hamper.

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