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The Best Dressed Wedding Guest

So, we are officially amidst the wedding season. By now, if you have not already attended any weddings just yet, you will most likely have a few pending. Being the guest at a wedding is probably one of my favorite things to do socially.

Fashion lovers, the mere mention of a wedding invitation and our brains immediately begin planning and prepping ‘the look’.Once the look has been pieced together nicely, the lead up to the wedding is plain sailing. But realistically, it is likely that we will spend the lead up to the wedding shopping our dresses and not compromising on what we want to wear and how we want to look, at any cost. This is simply because dress shopping is stressful, wedding guest dress shopping – even moreso.

Here’s our guide to shopping the best guest dresses…

Karen Millen and Coast

Often, the first shops women tend to think of when shopping the London high street for a special occasion is Karen Millen and Coast. They are the go-to special occasion shops on the high street, which means it is very likely that if someone isn’t wearing your dress, they will have seen it and probably know how much it costs!

I always advise that Coast or Karen Millen be the last shops you look at. Of course, if you are attending a wedding abroad that doesn’t have either of these stores, then why not? People love getting married in Italy, right? Well they don’t have either of these stores, so if you’re Italy bound for a wedding, Coast and Karen Millen are definitely good options to consider.

Zara for Sleek Jumpsuits and Separates

Anything in my wardrobe that is from the high street is very likely to be from Zara. In Bromley Zara is like uniform for the girl that loves fashion, and actually, it’s the same at Farfetch. Zara is so every day that opting for a Zara dress for a special occasion might not make you feel that special. However, if you do like to take on a style challenge, mixing and matching some separates to piece together an amazing ensemble could be pretty spectacular if pulled off well. Having said that, I can’t deny how special I feel wearing a Zara jumpsuit.

CAPE JUMPSUIT WITH V-NECK  Love this just need somewhere to wear it

Reiss for Shorter Hem Lines and Perfect Tailoring

Some of the best occasion wear comes from Reiss. Aside from the style, to the touch and the fit – they are all just made so well. You will feel the most confident and comfortable in either a floor length hemline or a shorter one if you plan to attend a wedding indoors.


Reiss for Playsuits

Who’d of thought you could wear a playsuit to a wedding? Reiss has some spectacular playsuits, the key is, if you are going to go for a playsuit, it has to be sharp, expensive looking and quality cannot be compromised.


Well, what can’t you buy on ASOS? In terms of dresses, the selection of dresses is so overwhelming – it can be a little annoying! Admittedly ASOS also has a problem in their sizing. ASOS does have some amazing, really detailed and unusual dress and it is always worth exploring their shop.

ASOS for The Wiggle Dress

Image 1 of ASOS Jacquard Wiggle Dress Image 1 of ASOS Wiggle Dress in Texture with Blue Floral Print

The ASOS wiggle dress gives you a very similar silhouette of that which Dolce and Gabbana is famous for. It’s a great dress for accentuating the shape of a woman without having to wear body con. ASOS have a whole variety of Wiggle dresses in different patterns and prints and materials.

ASOS for The Hitchcock Dress

Similar in shape to the wiggle dress and again very a la Dolce and Gabbana, but the Hitchcock dress shows a little more skin and the prints and patterns are very typical wedding print.

Image 1 of ASOS Sketchy Floral Hitchcock Pencil Dress Image 1 of ASOS Hitchcock Pencil Dress In Dusty Pink Floral

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4 Easy Steps When Shopping Online for your Favorite Beauty Products

Unlike a few years ago when one had to visit a store to buy their beauty products, these days, you can order whatever you want from the comfort of your home. All you need is an internet enabled device, and you’ll get whatever product you want without much hassle. While that sounds good and has, indeed, made work easier for us, you need to know that nothing is perfect and that there are issues that you can encounter when buying products online. To avoid them, here are useful tips for your consideration:

1. Consult Before Buying Online

Purchasing products online is good only when you know what you want. If you aren’t sure about what you are buying, then you might end up ordering the wrong products or those that you do not need to have as part of your beauty routine. To avoid that, you should consult widely, not only about the products but also how to be safe while making the purchase. If you do that, then online buying will never be a hassle for you or a reason to regret.

2. Beware of Biased or Exaggerated Customer Feedback

It’s a common practice among online buyers to use reviews when evaluating whether a store they are considering is good or not. However, that alone is not enough, and you might end up deciding on basis or wrong reviews. You should thus go ahead to evaluate if the reviews and customer feedbacks you are reading are genuine feelings of customers who have bought from the store. Good stores usually have verified purchases and you can use them to discern legit from fake reviews and feedbacks.

3. Utilize Comparison Sites

Nowadays, there are lots of stores that sell beauty products online. Some online sellers can seem legit while others will be scammers trying to get to your personal information. If you want to avoid the hassles that come with ordering from an unreliable seller, take the time to use comparison sites and beauty blogs. Comparison sites do all of the hard work for you by comparing top name brands and providing accurate and verified customer reviews. Beauty blogs that compare products are a fast and easy way of determining which beauty products will work for you, which products will fit your budget, and link you directly to the best sellers.

4. Ask Your Internet-Savvy Friends

You, of course, have those friends of yours who are a bit ahead of you when it comes to the use of the internet. Seek their help and guidance in buying skincare products online. You will learn a lot from them and get a few tips you might not have gotten if you had not sought their assistance. That’s how to enjoy the convenience and other benefits that come with online shopping.

While there are many other things you need to know about online shopping, these are just a few to give you a hint of what you need to know before you start buying your favorite skincare products online. Learn more, and you will never complain about hassles and challenges of online shopping. 

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